Wall units and shelves

Wall units and shelves are able to make our life as comfortable as it can be, so that every object has its place, and so that all you need is easily seen, and all that needs to be hidden is out of sight. Design your wall units and shelf systems to match your needs and hobbies.

Wall Units and Shelves – a Great Union

Not long ago wall units were associated with heavy, ugly, bulky furniture, going up to the ceiling. However, in our days, they are functional, ergonomic, and elegant constructions, which can decorate any room.

Individuality and Harmony

What are wall units for? First, to make a space cozy, orderly and harmonious. Of course, a TV set can be placed on a simple cupboard, exotic souvenirs can be put away in drawers, and a beautiful service could find its place in the kitchen. But, admit it, this is not right. Any house and apartment are interesting thanks to their individuality, which is created by objects. So, a wall unit is one of the ways to give a place an individual touch.

A Storage Space in a Living Room

If you consider wall units to be the right place for storing various things, you have the right attitude towards wall units. A wall unit allows combining things, which usually cannot be combined – household equipment, books, dishes, photos, traveling souvenirs, collections of various objects, and what not. So, all these things can be combined in a way that they look nice and smooth.

A Modern Option

Modern wall units should not be associated with bulky furniture of poor quality, found in many Latvia’s apartments in Soviet times. Nowadays these are light, elegant, ergonomic constructions with original design. Modern wall units are produced from health-friendly materials. Many models with a place for a TV set have additional fitted lighting, which reduces the load onto eyes.

Two Genres

The two widely spread styles for wall units are classic and modern. However, it is worth mentioning that the tendencies, prevailing in Latvia, have come from Italy, which is home to progressive creative ideas in the area of furniture design.

Classic models can be distinguished by wooden elements made of solid wood, glass with incrustation, the absence of irrelevant or additional fittings and metal. Modern style is known for the following features: there are more transparent details in modern wall units; they are lighter and more airy. At the same time the blocks of these constructions can vary in height and size. When you decide to rearrange the furniture at your place, you can just combine these blocks in a different way, and the interior will change.


Briefly about the materials for making wall units. The most common materials are walnut, oak and cherry. Decoration can be done in bronze for classic, and in shining, textured or patterned surfaces for modern style. There are no exact recommendations here, because it all depends on the preferences of the clients.

About Shelves

It goes without saying that shelves are one of the most effective furniture items. A system of shelves will blend with any room’s interior; it can be placed anywhere, even by the ceiling if you wish. The main thing to pay attention to while designing a shelf system is the place of securing them. Shelves need to be secured evenly and safely. We often install Home Décor shelf systems with aluminum brackets.

As a result you get an elegant construction for storing all kinds of things, collections, cups or vases which would emphasize the individuality of your interior design. At the same time shelves can help detach some functional zones or separate the space in your apartment. If you are a collector or have a hobby, you can choose wall units or shelves according to your taste and individual style, as well as combine them successfully.

So, this is it. Choose well with the help of Davanti specialists. Turn to us, and we will find the best possible solution for your interior and space.