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One of the leading kitchen furniture producers
in Germany – Nolte Kuchen.

SIA EX ANIMO, an official partner of Nolte Kuchen in Latvia, invites you to visit its showroom in Riga, Cesu Str. 31/3.

In other areas many customers know good quality by notions like “VIP” or “luxury class”; however, furniture producers name this by a modest yet capacious word “leader”. There are not many factories to be named unconditional leaders. Among the top five producers in Germany is the brand that we are proud to represent in Latvia.

The famous German factory Nolte Kuchen is the third biggest fitted kitchen furniture producer in Germany. Since the day of its foundation in 1958 the company has grown and reinforced its market position as one of the most innovative and strongest companies. The mission statement of the company is this: Pleasure as philosophy, everywhere and in everything!

Design Studio „Zina Studios Inc” (New-York)

We offer customized fabrics and wallpapers, manualy printed in New-York. There are several hundreds of patterns, performed by renowned artists, as also patterns, developed by the US best decorators,like Albert Hadley, Sister Parish and other. These patterns are used in the palaces and historic buildings, decorate museums and homes of famous people all around the world.

The „Zina Studios” can design and print your own pattern or restore the pattern on the fragments of the old interior. You have the ability to print any designs on fabrics and paper, as well as to purchase ready-made products, which can be matched to the color and style of your interior - wallpaper for the walls, fabrics for curtains and furniture, fabric wallpaper. Everything is done manually customized together with designers of America, Russia and Latvia.