What is a properly equipped hallway? We come and leave home, look in the mirror, hang our clothes, take off our footwear, store clothes, and do many other things here. All this is part of our life. We will tell you about the principles of equipping a hallway in order to make this part of your life as pleasant as possible.

Let’s start by mentioning the change of seasons. Winter, ladies and gentlemen, is a time of trial. Especially for a hallway. Just imagine – hangers “swollen” with outerwear, a pile of sleigh, skis and other attributes of children’s joy, heaps of footwear in the puddles of melted snow…Shall we continue? Probably not, because this picture seems bad enough. But if you have a well-planned hallway with ergonomic furniture, this chaos will not be there.

We Have Questions

Cold season requires the right attitude towards things; or, rather, towards placing these things in your hallway. However, a hallway is a whole world both for every family and every person. How to create that? What pattern to follow? Let’s do it step by step.

Thanks to individual approach in ordering furniture, you can create your own world in a hallway, suitable only for you and your family. People living with you know best what things are to be fitted in a closet, on hangers, upper shelves, shelves, etc. One of suggestions would be to order hallway furniture in winter; thus you won’t need to fantasize and try to remember what clothes and other things you have to fit in, so that nothing disturbs you.

Footwear and Accessories

As you see, it is necessary to think through the space of closet in the hallway. If you want everything in its place, we strongly recommend making provision for separate blocks for storing large things (sleigh, skis, etc.). By the way, these blocks will serve well in summer, too – you can place equipment for adventure holidays there, or store large household devices. It is also important to consider special units for footwear. They need to be equipped with pull-out grid shelves and stands for high-heeled footwear. It is also recommended to have drawers for accessories and shoe-care items.

Attention – Mirror!

Besides all kinds of shelves and units, mirror needs special attention. If placed wrongly, you will get heaps of problems. Walking to your room in dirty boots in order to spruce yourself up is not a solution, is it? So, where should the mirror go? We believe it’s not worth reinventing a bicycle – appreciate the sliding door of your closet. It is the most convenient place for a mirror, easily accessible to all the family; moreover, if needed, you can move the mirror to the better-lighted part of the hallway. Of course, there are many other nuances here, and our consultants will gladly tell you about them during your visit to our showrooms.

Individual Approach

Once again we would like to draw your attention to the individual approach in ordering furniture. Designers can plan a whole compact room for you – with poufs, shelves for keys, closets, special hooks for children’s clothes placed at comfortable height. They will also remind you about a simple hanger. You will appreciate its usefulness when you come home out of rain and snowfall. A hanger by a wardrobe will help you dry your clothes. In short, in this space you will find it comfortable to change clothes, as well as your children will take off and put on their clothes. And when your friends come visiting, this comfortable hallway will be the face of your apartment.

Don’t despair if your hallway is not of a large size. Our consultants can turn it into advantage. There is a special way to work with this kind of hallways – fit the space with open closets and wardrobes, without sliding doors. In our showrooms you will be advised how to save space on the account of several objects. For instance, a footwear stool can be also used as a pouf. Then you won’t have to worry where to take a seat when you need to put on your shoes. And this is not the only advice our designers can give you. Believe us, they will definitely find the most rational and efficient solution for your hallway. Wishing you to find good solutions and to make good choices!

As for bigger hallways, there are even greater possibilities. We will discuss this specific characteristic by exemplifying a hallway in a house.