Childrens furniture

Childhood is a lovely time, and the words “all the best for the children” should turn into real actions. That is why custom made children’s furniture is the best way to create a unique, the most comfortable and magic world for each child. We will gladly share the many practical nuances and secrets in this field.

The children’s room has always been a priority for parents when equipping a house or an apartment. We all agree that the room needs to be both beautiful and functional. How shall we do it?

Secret No. 1

While thinking of ordering closets and other interior objects, you should keep in mind that children grow up and change, and so do their tastes and interests. These changes influence the design of the room. That is why, in order to be practical, you need to choose easily-transforming furniture which would grow together with your child. For example, we can make closets which are easily transformed both on the inside and on the outside. It means that the inner filling of the closet – shelves, hangers and other things – can always be removed or added. The same can be said about doors; once the taste has changed, it is no problem to refresh their design.

Secret No. 2

The second most important thing about choosing custom made furniture is safety. The growing body of a child has a more acute reaction to negative factors in the environment. Adults do not always react to deterioration of ecology, while children are a totally different case. Therefore, in order to protect an allergic child, the choice should be made in favor of high quality materials, not containing allergens or irritants. Even if you need to be economical, you can buy good furniture with less expensive fittings. The products of our company are safe and meet the highest quality criteria, including the criteria in ecology and safety. The last aspect requires explanation, because it is important for a children’s room. In our opinion, special attention in equipping this room needs to be paid to the details like fittings, joints and durability of separate components of fitted furniture. As long as the child is little, doors need to have protective stoppers and locking devices. In other words, there are no unimportant questions in here.

Secret No. 3

Our designers will be happy to consult you on the question of decorating a children’s room. According to them, pastel colors will make a children’s room more spacious. So, in a room like this your child will feel at ease. Pastel colors should definitely be used in spaces, lacking natural light. That is why the choice of furniture for a small or darkish children’s room should be in favor of light colors of the front parts. However, let’s not forget about bright colors. And it’s not worth worrying that your child will get tired of them with time. As said before, a change of the “looks” of this furniture is easy.

We can keep on telling you the secrets of making a children’s room for a long time. There are plenty of them. But we have chosen to tell about only three of them. All good things come in threes. If you got interested in this topic, you are welcome to initiate this discussion (please, write to us!), and do come to us for a piece of advice. Our experience in the field of fitted furniture is at your disposal!