Designer’s Advice: Let There Be Light!

Lighting is one of the most crucial stages of implementing one or another designer’s project. It requires thorough planning and developing. Any unconsidered nuance can ruin the impression. This is what Iveta Juhnevica, a designer cooperating with "Davanti" for a long time, says.

Improving the Mood

Lighting is definitely an instrument for creating a mood. When we feel joyous and energetic, we want more light. When we are sad or tired, we feel our hand reaching for the switch to damp down the brightness. That is why the development of artificial lighting system is of great importance.

Great Visibility

The main criterion for a client in creating lighting in a house or an office should be like this: each element of the interior needs to be well seen. This rule has to be observed in developing any space.

In Accordance with the Daylight

In the ideal, the system of artificial lighting should be planned in total accordance with the amount of light, coming from the outside. Unfortunately, there is not enough daylight in Latvia even during the day. That is why designers apply many techniques in their work, which make up for the lack of daylight.

Thinking Aloud

Most customers leave the lighting system’s arrangement for later. In reality this proves to be wrong. All details need to be discussed with the designer at the initial stage of implementing the project. The crucial moments include – lighting by the floor (or, also called “night lighting”), centralized turning on/off of floor lamps, wall lamps and others. If the space is connecting, switches need to be placed at all entrances. You could also install sensors, but on the condition there are no pets, which would make the light go on and off.

For the Furniture

By continuing the conversation about those elements, which are easily left out while developing the design, we should mention fitted furniture. It also needs additional lighting. Moreover, a wardrobe would need a separate lighting system, because it would substantially facilitate the choice of clothes.

Shelves’ Lighting

It is very convenient to have sensor switches by the shelves; the light is automatically turned on when the sliding door gets opened, and it gets turned off once the door is closed. A clothes hanger in the shape of a tube can be used as an original lamp, giving light inside the closet. A lamp can be placed just above the door in order to light the space in front of the closet. If the construction is deep enough, it would be a good idea to fit lamps in the walls of deep shelves. In other words, there are plenty of details to consider.

Fashionable Lamps

Finally we need to stress that it is necessary to have preliminary information on the lamps, used in the lighting system. For instance, nowadays LED lamps are really fashionable. They allow saving electricity. Besides, their small size does not limit the fantasy of designers.

Turn to Professionals

Having considered all above mentioned, it is clear that the artificial lighting system requires competence and high professionalism. Moreover, the designer’s duty is to offer all possible solutions he or she is aware of. This is one of the main principles of their work.